Smash Bros. Switch: 10 New Characters Nintendo Must Add

The cream of the crop.


Hot off the heels of a splendorous launch year for its latest console, the Big N intends to follow suit in 2018 with a raft of eagerly-awaited exclusives, including a sequel to its premier fighting game series.

Super Smash Bros. will make its Switch debut later this year and, thanks to Ninty's tantalizing teaser trailer, we already have a strong idea of which big names will be returning (as well as confirmation of its first new characters in the form of Splatoon's Inklings), but what other freshly-baked treats is Nintendo hiding up its sleeves, ready and waiting to be unveiled, one by one, over the coming months?

Some huge additions to the family have arrived since Smash's last outing and, given Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey's runaway success, Nintendo will be expected to introduce characters based on both into the mix, but it's not just the latest and greatest creations that deserve screen time.

Fan favourites such as Metroid's Ridley and Luigi's purple-loving doppelganger have topped wishlists ever since the series' popularity took off and there's only so long Nintendo can turn a blind eye to their popularity. But remember, also, that not every new addition has to be a first-party creation.

Who knows, with a certain legendary RPG series due to debut on Switch next month, there could well be a sun-worshipping fruit loop joining the action later this year.

The possibilities are (almost) endless.


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