Sonic Mania: 11 Easter Eggs & References You Need To See

9. 25th Anniversary Nod

Sonic mania

Another supremely slick reference that only the most attentive will pick up on, during the new Studiopolis stage - one of the many where Christian and his team went hog wild with references and fan-nods - you can fall into a bingo ball machine.

Said machine then spits out a variety of different balls, but one of the more common combinations that allows you to continue is '3X, 07, 1X, 04', translating to '3x7x1+4', equalling 25.

That matters, because Sonic Mania was first announced at Sonic's 25th Anniversary celebrations; an event that in honesty, wasn't the smoothest of things, but Mania's appearance certainly lifted some spirits.

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