Sony Teasing God of War 4?

Will God of War 4 be unveiled next week?

Sony launched today a Facebook page that probably hints towards a God of War 4 announcement coming in the near future. According to the image above April 19, 2012 will be the official day Sony will announce something most likely having to do with the God of War series. In addition, the full image URL has a directory of €œGOWA_fb,€ which gives a clue to the fact whatever is coming on April 19th will have to do with the God of War series. I would even say the message in the picture above €Will vengeance bring redemption?€ is something you could easily connect to God of War. Now whether this is a full new God of War game or a PS Vita game it is not known. It seems there have been rumors circulating about God of War 4 since the day God of War 3 was released. One from last year indicated multiplayer would be included in the next God of War game because a job listing on Sony Santa Monica website was asking for a person who had experience with building multiplayer infrastructure in previous games. A week from today we will know a lot more, and hopefully they will just finally announce God of War 4 so we can put all these rumors to rest. I wouldn€™t even mind if God of War 4 centered around a new protagonist but I know that will probably never happen.

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