South Park: 7 Reasons Fractured But Whole Is Worse Than Stick Of Truth

1. The Jokes Will Quickly Become Outdated


The plot device of a prophesied hero and magical object is ancient and ageless, with it being apparent in texts from Moses to The Lord Of The Rings and Star Wars. It is only in the 21st century that superheroes have become mainstream, and, when the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes finally conclude and comic book movies become as rare as Westerns, jokes about a cinematic timeline will be stuck in history.

Not only will The Fractured But Whole be stuck in the past when its superhero quips are no longer relevant, but its countless delays had already resulted in its satire of PC culture and the 2016 Presidential Election campaigns being old and repetitive (a lot of the jokes are identical to the past couple seasons of the show).

In returning to the Stick Of Truth three years after its release, Nazi babies, men in black trying to control the universe with a stick, and being crushed by your dad’s testicles as a gnome is still hilarious. When returning to The Fractured But Whole in the future, hardly any of the game’s already dated comedy will have the same impact.

The Stick Of Truth is a product of the series’ timeless years, while The Fractured But Whole is merely another episode from the show’s recent and dwindling seasons. You know which one you are always going to keep coming back to Colorado for.

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