South Park: The Stick Of Truth - 10 Fan Favourites Missing From The Final Game

7. Grandpa Marsh

Stan's cranky and dementia ridden grandfather was a fairly reoccurring character in the old days, and an under-appreciated character in general. He still makes appearances recently - most notably in a hilarious episode regarding old people and their gullibility when it comes to infomercials - and still steals the show. On top of that, it's simply hilarious watching him demand and yell random things toward Stan despite calling him Billy all the time. Potential Reasons Not Included: This is another character whose absence is a little befuddling, but considering all the developmental phases and content that was scrapped from the final game, it's highly possible that Grandpa Marsh was planned at one point considering the game also features Stan's sister Shelly. The development could have very well come down to implementing a side quest for one character or the other, with everyone evidently agreeing on Shelly.

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