Sony announced today that Uncharted 3 fans will have the option of purchasing a special DLC pass for the game. The pass is called The Fortune Hunters’ Club and will allow fans to purchase the DLC early for a price of $24.99 US. The downloadable content is said to include 7 multiplayer packs in all (four map packs and three character skin packs).

The reason why fans of the game who are going to buy the DLC should do this deal is because Sony also announced that the 7 multiplayer packs will cost a total of $45 in the PlayStation Store when bought separately. This means the player saves “45%” if they buy the DLC early through The Fortune Hunters’ Club. However, on the flip side you won’t really know what you are purchasing, because Sony has yet to announce what will be included in the maps and skins.

I never purchased DLC for Uncharted 2, so I would like to hear from people who did to see if they where happy with the DLC Naughty Dog provided? And would you be interested in buying into this The Fortune Hunters’ Club without knowing what you are going to get?

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This article was first posted on October 18, 2011