Spider-Man PS4: 6 Things You Need To Know About The City That Never Sleeps

Will the DLC actually include MORE Spidey costumes?!

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Well, True Believers, it's only a week until Insomniac's long-anticipated Spider-Man game launches on the PS4. With this being 2018, however, attention has already shifted to the studio's post-release plans, with Insomniac having taken to PlayStation's blog to lift the lid on what Spider-Man's DLC will include, and when players can first get their hands on it.

The main game itself is said to take at least 20 hours to complete, but with three separate packs set to follow shortly after, it's clear that both Insomniac and Sony are determined to ensure Spidey retains a strong post-release presence, with a view to sequels, spin-offs and more presumably in mind too.

And though gamers themselves are likely to bemoan DLC in all its forms, there is something to be said of the potential opportunities it brings. The main story of the game looks to be telling an epic tale centred around one of the most stressful periods in Spider-Man's life, and with the Sinister Six already included too, there was always a chance that those smaller, more individual kinds of Spidey stories would fall by the wayside.

The DLC can address that though, and with a series of three 'one-shots' set to come, here's all you need to about Spider-Man's first DLC: The City That Never Sleeps.

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