Spider-Man PS4: Every Confirmed Suit So Far

12. Classic Suit


Even if the Classic Suit was revealed early on, it's so great to finally see it in action.

Peter Parker's original Spider-Man suit is indeed in Marvel's Spider-Man, and it's the suit he uses right at the start of the adventure.

We now know that Peter ditches it after it gets damaged at the start of the game by Wilson Fisk, but it's still cool to see it feature in the game at all.

In-game the suit comes in two different variations, one that's been fixed by Peter and one that's still damaged from the start of the game. The fixed version comes with the 'Web Blossom' suit ability that deals massive damage to all enemies in sight, whilst the damaged version doesn't have any ability at all.

The inclusion of the classic suit is a big indication that Insomniac is really listening to what the fans want to see in the game, especially with how many people were vocal about not liking the new advanced suit. Hopefully this means everyone can be happy.

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