Square-Enix Released An Extended Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer And It Looks Amazing

We got our first look at Tifa.

Square-Enix wowed fans at their E3 2019 conference last night with a brand new, extended trailer of their long awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The company had already teased long-time fans' nostalgia by announcing the game's release date at the show-opening Final Fantasy VII: Symphonic Reunion concert on Sunday, and further sent Final Fantasy aficionados into rapture with new footage yesterday.

The clip mainly focuses on Cloud and co.'s exploits in dystopian city Midgar during the game's opening third, depicting a string of memorable scenes stunningly recreated in 2019-vision. We also got a better idea of the remake's gameplay, both in the field and within the dynamic albeit controversial new battle system.

Perhaps most excitingly, we were given our first glimpse of Tifa, one of the original game's pugilistic protagonists. Barret's adopted daughter Marlene was also depicted, as well as an extended scene within eco-terrorist group Avalanche's 'Seventh Heaven' headquarters.

Further sending tingles down the spines of salivating fans was our first listen of the game's remastered music, as we heard super-duper orchestral remakes of the Main Theme from Final Fantasy VII and battle music Fighting.

After the drop, Square-Enix demonstrated some real-time battles from the game, showcasing the new hybrid of classic turn-based strategy and action-RPG hacking and slashing. It looks a lot better than many feared.

There has been a fair amount of grumbling about Square-Enix deviating from the template for their remaster. Nevertheless, this latest trailer is sure to have even the most cynical fan just a little but excited.

Final Fantasy VII Remake releases worldwide for PS4 on 3 March 2020.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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