Star Wars Battlefront 2: 10 New Gameplay Details You Need To Know

EA have fixed EVERYTHING (and possibly included Jar Jar).

Star Wars Battlefront

On track to be the finest blockbuster Star Wars game of them all, it's important to maintain a level head when discussing everything EA continue to knock out the park in Battlefront II. They've ditched the season pass, ditched the microtransaction-encouraging burner cards, included a single-player story written by the phenomenal Walt Williams (from Spec-Ops: The Line), included classes for multiplayer and even begun teasing The Last Jedi content.

All in all, it's a damn good year to be a Star Wars fan - though everything I just mentioned came from the first wave of details that poured out of Star Wars Celebration. From then on, the mainstream consumer has taken a step back, comfortably awaiting that end-of-year Star Wars rush that'll surely be phenomenal come those closing months.

The rest of us though? We kept watching. DICE are fully aware of the tenacity of Star Wars fans, tweeting confirmation of various additional features, alongside revealing what we can expect from gameplay through interviews and other appearances.

Chances are it'll be E3 when the first big gameplay chunk gets showcased, but there's plenty more out there about Battlefront II, if you know where to look...

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