Star Wars Battlefront 2: 8 New Features We Can't Wait To Try

8. Classes

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Classes

Finally, classes are being brought back into the fold with Battlefront 2.

DICE's decision to omit character archetypes from the first game in the name of accessibility had the rather nasty knock-on effect of obliterating any and all sense of strategy. The result, not the Battlefield-with-a-Star-Wars-skin that the world had expected, was barely skin deep, certainly not in-depth enough to retain a devout following, even with the words Star Wars slapped on the box.

The U-turn in design philosophy comes just one sequel in, and DICE has a follow-up on its hands that, this time for sure, will adopt a gameplay structure that it's more familiar with.

Assault, Heavy, Officer, and Specialist make up the class quartet. Most are self-explanatory archetypes that have and forever will remain popular in the genre, the main difference here being that each can be augmented with Star Cards for that touch of personalization that the original sorely lacked.

Don't worry: Star Cards are going to work this time...


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