Star Wars Battlefront 2: 9 Reasons It's A Massive Disappointment

1. Story Is Incredibly Short, But Won't Conclude Until The Last Jedi Releases

Star Wars battlefront 2

Of course, being Battlefront 2 is all about the online multiplayer and loot grind, its campaign is incredibly short - designed more as an elaborate tutorial with some awesome fan service, rather than a standalone, recommendable experience.

However, even with that rationale, a paltry 4-6 hours is over before you know it. All the heroes only appear for one mission a piece, and then you have the "Decades Later..." jump, and a cliffhanger ending tells everyone to wait until December 13th for the actual resolution.

Now, in theory this could be because Iden's story relates to something in The Last Jedi and Disney don't want that information getting out too early. We know Inferno Squad chap Del and Luke Skywalker are friends, after all, so it's possible that a disillusioned Luke finds the time to help him and Iden out before leaving for Ahch-To.

Buuut, I doubt it.

And why? Because Battlefront 2's story climax is dropping two days before the movie. If the mandate is to keep all spoilers contained until one of the most anticipated movies of all time is out, EA wouldn't be given the green light to spill the beans beforehand.

No, I'm calling this needless, manufactured "hype building" designed to lock-step Battlefront 2's ongoing conversations with that of The Last Jedi, creating one big maelstrom of Star Wars goodness.

It would've worked too, if not for the greed of the EAmpire ruining everything...

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