Star Wars Battlefront 2: 9 Reasons It's A Massive Disappointment

9. The Campaign Marketing Was A Lie

Battlefront Iden Del

How to Squander Your Biggest Selling Point, by EA & DICE

Regardless of your political leanings, nothing is ever gained by removing the idea of conversation and empathy. The notion that there is one fundamental "right way to be" is always flawed, and though Star Wars is of course aimed at a younger demographic, the fact writers Mitch Dyer and Walt Williams wanted to explore the Empire/Imperialistic side of the galaxy was extremely interesting, to say the least.

Would we glean a greater understanding for the common stormtrooper, brainwashed or otherwise convinced that stampeding across the galaxy was for the greater good? How about paralleling into just how fractured the west is right now, what with left vs. right ideologies forever refusing to cooperate?

Could "just a Star Wars video game campaign" fundamentally make us more empathetic of the "enemy", retroactively enhancing the mythology by building on the conversations Rogue One started as to how the Rebel Alliance aren't as "pure" as we once thought?

Nope. Iden Versio decides the Empire are abjectly evil after only a couple missions, slaughtering all her fellow friends, officers and companions in a blaze of AT-AT-hijacked glory, becoming a trusted rebel fighter immediately after.

What a monumental wasted opportunity, and one that directly contradicts the entire reason this campaign looked so unique.

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