Star Wars Battlefront 2 Controversy: 9 Things You Need To Know

7. Developers Aren't Allowed To Communicate With Fans

Darth Vader Battlefront 2

Second on the most worrying comments from the leak comes from various developers apparently being told not to communicate with fans.

"Devs are eager to share info with you but they are not let to do so. The only way they could say something important is by receiving approvals by prod and others."

As you saw in an earlier point, DICE and various other devs working on the project have been more than vocal about the struggles they faced course-correcting the initial launch window fallout. Taking that away hasn't gone unnoticed across the game's various forums, and now the leak has confirmed it's down to EA remixing studios to focus on the next game in their pipeline, the result is more worry, anger and disappointment.

For a time, Battlefront 2 was sold on "righting the wrongs" of the first game - something done through transparency and acknowledgement of past failings. Shut those communication channels down and the old image of EA being a silent string-puller with the worst intentions comes right back into view.

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