Star Wars Battlefront 2 Reviews: 11 Early Reactions You Need To Know

Honest opinions are finally in, and they aren't holding back...

EA Dice

Although they started out on top form following the game’s initial unveiling, the developers working on Star Wars Battlefront 2 have seemingly continued to put their feet in their mouths at every given opportunity. Announcing a single-player story mode and scrapping the season pass entirely, those promising rays of sunshine have since been overshadowed by an insidious focus on microtransactions and a multiplayer grind intended to make players part with as much cash as possible.

Consequently, what was once a hotly-anticipated sequel to a good-if-underwhelming original game has quickly been marred by a backlash against loot boxes and free-to-play business practices, completely souring the goodwill that EA had previously tried so hard to claw back from gamers.

With the release date almost here and all the controversy being pushed to one side though, early impressions of the game itself are finally available, detailing whether a good or bad shooter can be found in between this PR disaster. Both the opinions of players who have enjoyed early access to the sequel as well as a smattering of reviews have begun to trickle through the grapevine and, oh boy, have they not held back...


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