Star Wars Battlefront 2 Wishlist: 12 Things Fans Need To See

Kylo & Vader vs. Rey & Luke. Make it happen.

Star wars battlefront

Settled into this new reality of never-ending Star Wars? Good, because there's another Battlefront coming later this year, and considering how much DICE mostly got right (and wrong) in their 2015 original, there's every possibility they could turn in the best Star Wars game of all time.

Such things have been ruminated on already, as when you're darting between an AT-AT's lumbering feet and trading blaster fire over the snow-topped dunes of Hoth, there's a certain pure quality of being 'in Star Wars' that no other game has ever come close to. That said, EA went down the money-grubbing route hard, segmenting levels and 'tiers' of the base game into a number of different deluxe editions.

After all, if you pair the most lucrative entertainment property of all time with one of the biggest corporations in gaming, all they were ever going to do was rip off the consumer.

That said, Battlefield 1 showed DICE can listen to fan feedback, and as 2017 gets off the ground, here's everything that would make Battlefront II absolutely outstanding.


12. Recast The Iconic Characters' Voices

In amongst all the poignant negatives like load times and microtransactions, one ridiculously laughable downer was the voice acting. Put simply, everyone aside from Boba Fett, some of Vader's lines and most of Leia sounded pretty damn terrible.

Check out the clip above and just let those performances settle in.

Luke in particular comes off the worst, but none of them nail their characters to any degree of genuine authenticity, instead sounding like a group of cosplayers attempting a first audition. For BF 2, depending on what the selection of heroes and villains is going to be, either use lines from the movies - everything that gets said is always an iconic line, anyway - pay for any remaining actors to come back, or simply cast better soundalikes.

Props to these guys for trying, but when you're in the heat of battle and something like those Luke sound bites come ringing in amongst the otherwise stellar sound design, it's jarring, to say the least.

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