Star Wars Battlefront DLC: 10 Specific Things Fans Demand

That Season Pass has to find its worth somehow...

Though met with a moderate if not lukewarm critical reception when it first landed, DICE's reboot of the Battlefront franchise is proving to be a massive commercial success, having become one of the biggest selling Star Wars titles for years. This has brought with it a large community, fervently determined to make the most out of Battlefront's 5 current locales and in turn make their voices heard in regards to the slew of downloadable content expected to drop early next year.

This DLC-heavy approach taken by EA drew much controversy when it was revealed that the Season Pass would be a £40.00 investment, a justifiable reaction when the base game isn't at all meaty when it comes to content. One thing you cannot deny however is that the game still looks and feels glorious.

Even in its current form, Battlefront manages to convey a Star Wars experience unparalleled in its authenticity, and the level of potential for further exploration of the saga is quite simply huge. With the Expanded Universe now beginning to see life once more, DICE's wee slice of the galaxy far, far away could get even bigger still.

Indeed, the L.A. branch of the studio have the entire universe at their disposal when crafting DLC, and in order to make it worthwhile, well, they're simply going to have to listen to the fans - their demands of which include everything from The Clone Wars to the new trilogy and even old maps they wish to see return. It's a fairly tall wish list, but its more than appropriate for an equally tall asking price.

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