Star Wars: Battlefront II - What Does The Ending Really Mean?

Have we finally gotten our look at Rey's parents?

Battlefront 2

Battlefront II may have launched to just about the worst reception ever (and that's saying something, for an EA release), but there are a whole bunch of positives to be gleaned from the game, most of which can be found in its six-to-eight hour-long campaign.

The story, set in the immediate wake of the Second Death Star's destruction, focuses on an elite Imperial special forces group called Inferno Squad. When the Empire attempts to reassert its presence with a series of increasingly insidious acts, two of the team's members (Iden Versio and Del Meeko), end up - SPOILER! - defecting from the Empire to join the Rebellion, finishing the fight on Jakku once and for all.

While that defection is more clear cut than some would've perhaps hoped, the ending makes no such error, setting up a narrative that will, inevitably, collide with the events of the franchise's latest trilogy, albeit in a somewhat murky manner. More important is that it may hold the key to some of the lingering questions left by The Force Awakens, with the subject of Rey's parentage a chief concern.

And again, it’s a concern that the title may have just answered. Although it is just a game, the more we look at it, the more Battlefront may have a part to play in The Last Jedi, and even beyond. Here's the lowdown on what it all means.

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