Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - 5 Gameplay Details The Public Didn't See

4. You Can Interact With The Stinger Mantis' Interior WHILE Travelling

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Although Respawn didn't focus on Cal Kestis' preferred method of transportation at E3, it seems as though his ship - officially dubbed the Stinger Mantis - will feature heavily in the game.

The travelling mechanic is wedded with the starship, with players able to interact with the ship while travelling to a new destination. It effectively masks the tedium of loading screens, with players able to engage in all sorts of activities while on the vessel.

Comic Book likens the Mantis to Mass Effect's Normandy, but stopped short of confirming whether or not the interior would be customisable. Game Informer are more specific though, stating that "the interior is darkly lit with orange and black hues on the seats and walls," and that the "Living quarters are in the back and a small lounge is in the center."

Either way, you should be able to interact with your crew while onboard, and it would be wise to expect further distractions in the ship to make loading times all the less noticeable.

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