Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order - Everything We Know So Far

From main characters to release dates, all-new lightsaber combat to time periods...

jedi fallen order

Although it should have been one of the biggest announcements of the long E3 weekend, EA's next entry into their Star Wars gaming universe, Fallen Jedi, was revealed in such a strange, awkward way. Despite being in development for well over two years, Respawn Entertainment's project didn't even have a title logo ready to show off on EA's stage, with it instead being down to the VP of the company Vince Zampella to announce and talk about the project in a quick-fire interview.

He did reveal a surprising amount about the title, but because the reveal essentially came out of nowhere and was treated like a throwaway part of the conference, it was easy to miss all the details that were discussed.

Fortunately, despite the awkward announcement and the publisher's handling of the series in general, there should still be a lot of excitement surrounding the project, not least because Respawn themselves have been making some of the finest first-person shooters of the generation. And if this first smattering of information is anything to go by, they could singlehandedly redeem EA's handling of the Star Wars series.


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