Street Fighter V: 15 Huge Roster Omissions That Must Return

13. Dan Hibiki

Street Fighter will always need a resident funny man to keep things light amidst the serious nature of brawlers across the globe converging to beat the living snot out of each other - and Dan's the man to do it. He's not the most adept or revered fighter in the franchise - in fact, he's rather awful - but for what Dan lacks in physical or technical power, he more than makes up for with charisma, humour and showmanship. If Capcom continues their mantra of making every single character feel and play completely differently in Street Fighter V, now couldn't be a better time to bring Mr. Hibiki back with some slight adjustments He may exist solely for comic relief, but that doesn't mean Dan can't get some upgrades. Improve the power of his meagre Hadouken - even Sakura's is better, for God's sake - for better zoning capabilities, infuse his other special attacks with some rib-tickling animations and stick him on the roster. Simple as that! Oh, and keep the pink Gi - it's glorious.

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