Super Mario Maker 2: 10 Best Levels You Need To Play

Nintendo isn't making Mario right now, but the community sure is.

mario maker 2

Super Mario Maker has only been out a short time, and already the community has taken the idea of making courses to a new level. With meticulously crafted stages to punishing, nail-biting torture courses, there is something for everyone in this second instalment - providing you know where to look.

Taking off so much faster than the first Mario Maker (probably because this one is on a system far more people own), Super Mario Maker 2 already has a bounty of levels to choose from, but unfortunately, it can be quite a hassle to find them.

Because yes, Nintendo has yet again shat the bed when it comes to building a functional online component of any given game, and it's up to the community to get some of the awesome ones out there. It's safe to say many a level can get lost amongst the millions already created, so with that, I've hand-picked the cream of the crop when it comes to Super Mario Maker 2 courses.

It's worth noting that variety is the name of the game, and hopefully you'll agree this is a selection of the best-crafted, hardest and downright cool levels so far.


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