Super Mario Odyssey- 10 Ways It Beats Breath Of The Wild

1. Customization


Although Breath of the Wild's ability to let players dye certain clothes can be pretty great, Mario Odyssey's level of customisation is leagues ahead.

Let's face it; one of the best aspects of Super Mario Odyssey is the wacky outfits you can put the mustachioed plumber in. Not only do the outfits inject a big sense of humour into the game, but they also make each world feel more unique and finally give the gold coins a purpose unlike ever before.

Comparing this to Breath of the Wild's outfits hardly seems fair. The fact that each outfit actually offers a bonus to Link could be considered a point in Breath of the Wild's favour, but really it discourages customisation and encourages players to stick to what will make them the strongest.

Super Mario Odyssey's customisation isn't just a fantastic feature, it's a love letter to Mario fans and a show that Nintendo care about Jumpman just as much as we do.


In what ways does Breath of the Wild beat Super Mario Odyssey? Let us know in the comments!

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