Super Mario Odyssey- 10 Ways It Beats Breath Of The Wild

8. Movement


Although Breath of the Wild's ability to climb anything is amazing, Cappy's introduction into the Mario universe completely changes how the series plays.

Super Mario Odyssey's movement is one of the things that makes it so fantastic to play. Mario feels effortless to control and moves at a great speed, whilst Cappy allows him to basically manipulate the environment completely.

Not only does Mario have all of his moves from previous games, but he also has a few new ones such as the roll. The series can never go back from this point and that's certainly a good thing.

To be completely fair to Breath of the Wild, the climbing mechanic is pretty fantastic. Combined with the ability to glide and shield surf, Link feels like he can move through the environment with ease.

However, because of how unique of a game Breath of the Wild is to the Zelda series, these mechanics could never be used again, whereas Mario's feel like they'll always be sticking around after this.


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