Super Mario Odyssey Reviews: 10 Critical Reactions You Need To Know

9. It's An Absolutely Massive Game

Super Mario Odyssey
"There’s just so much to do here. If you’re aiming to get every moon in the game — all 800-plus of them — it can easily fill up 50 hours or more, which well exceeds my expectations from a Mario game. To accomplish all of that without any of the content coming across as filler is pretty astounding, but Nintendo has pulled it off. And it’s pulled it off with an amazing amount of character." - Polygon
"I expected to be able to continue playing even after the plot had been resolved, given Odyssey’s 3D sandbox structure, but I wasn’t prepared for just how much there is to do after it’s 'over.' In fact, some of its finest moments follow the credits, from new unlockables that nod lovingly toward the past, to a clever new implementation of an old friend, to entire new worlds. I’m still not ready to put Odyssey down, nor do I expect to be for quite some time." - IGN
"And never mind Destiny 2, the endgame in Super Mario Odyssey is incredible. You won’t have seen half the game by the time you beat Bowser." - Metro

Many critics have stated that Odyssey is the biggest Mario game to date, boasting a sizeable, 15-hour experience even if you just cut through the core campaign to get straight to Bowser.

If you get involved in the moon hunt, though, and return to earlier kingdoms to see how the levels have changed and how your new abilities allow greater interaction, this game can become an insane time sink.

Simply, the game is fantastic value-for-money regardless of your play style, with a highly compelling post-game which can multiply your initial run through the game several times over.


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