Super Smash Bros. Switch: 10 Characters We Want To See

10. Ridley

Metroid Ridley

Yes, we've all heard it before; Ridley is too big. Could the Switch change that?

Ridley has been one of the most requested characters to appear in Super Smash Bros. ever since Melee. The Metroid franchise hasn't really had any other representation besides Samus herself, and fans have really wanted to be able to play as her greatest nemesis. Putting Ridley in the Switch version of Smash would be a huge draw for fans of both franchises.

How would Nintendo get around Ridley being too big? Make her smaller. It sounds stupid, but making Ridley just a little bit smaller would certainly allow for her to appear in Smash Bros. If Charizard can get on the roster, so can Ridley. They could literally make Ridley the same size as Charizard and fans would just be happy for her to show up.

Here's hoping the Metroid franchise receives a lot of love this year, especially considering it's Metroid's 25th anniversary.


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