Tekken 7: 10 Major Characters That May Not Be Returning

3. Craig Marduk

The tall bald Aussie Marduk made his first appearance in Tekken 4, and has featured in every game since. The angry Vale Tudo champion initially took a bit of a bad-guy role, but following the events of Tekken 5 softened in his raging anger, befriending his rival King. And that€™s exactly why he may not be returning to Tekken 7 - his character arc is complete. After killing Armour King and then making peace with AK's student, King, there€™s little else for his character to do. If he was to make a return, he would simply have a shoehorned in story that would feel silly and kind of useless next to the main Mishima family plot. Marduk is also suffering from the same relevancy issue as Raven and Miguel; he€™s not a character from one of the original games, and he€™s also not so popular any more. Really, if the character roster is being trimmed, Marduk is a prime target.

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