The Game Awards 2018: 9 Rumours & Leaks That Must Happen

Square Enix's Avengers game? A new Alien title? Welcome to the new E3.

Kojima Productions

In previous years, the Game Awards had been something of a cringe-inducing car wreck. Much of the old shows' runtime would be dedicated to pandering segments or guests that would only end up playing up the worst gaming stereotypes, culminating in things like Madden 2004 sweeping multiple awards. It was like an out-of-touch dad trying to "connect" without putting in a lot of effort.

Thankfully, over the course of several years, The Game Awards has improved significantly, particularly once it became a streamed event, rather than being aired on Spike TV. The subject matter of the show became far less commercially-driven and instead focused on what was important: games.

Not only were the selected nominees more appropriate and fitting, but the event became a great opportunity for publishers to show off trailers for anticipated projects. Outside of events like E3, the Game Awards has served as a prime marketing opportunity due to a high viewer count that's only continued to increase.

And if the latest rumours regarding the upcoming Game Awards is representative of anything, it's that this year is a can't-miss event.

An impending reveal from Bioware, Obsidian's latest title getting a teaser trailer, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.


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