The Last Of Us Part II: 5 Take-Aways From Sony's E3 Conference

Sony's biggest game received an extended trailer in LA.

Naughty Dog

Sony's been teasing us with smaller trailers from The Last of Us Part II for a year and a half now, and many people were expecting them to use their E3 conference platform to showcase the game in detail.

They didn't end up doing that. Instead they brought out the game's composer Gustavo Santaolalla to play a song from the soundtrack, and showed a cutscene from the game at a barn dance, with a gameplay example thrown in the middle.

It's not quite what people wanted - there wasn't as much information about the game as we expected, such as a release date, an idea on what the actual story is, or how the game has changed from the original The Last of Us.

The game is hotly-anticipated, and whether it is released later this year or, more realistically, the beginning of next, we're bound to find out more before long.

Until then, we're just left examining the few scraps that we were given, in an attempt to piece together all we can about the gameplay and plot of The Last of Us Part II.


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