The Last Of Us Review: 3 Reasons Why It's Mediocre

The Last Of Us

The Last of Us is one of, if not THE biggest release of 2013 so far and has brought upon itself a lot of positive feedback from the gaming community as a whole. People have praised Naughty Dog for their ingenuity and dedication to the game left right and centre, yet after two successful play-throughs I still find that the game is lacking something key. The Last Of Us wasn't necessarily bad, by no means; I mean I actually ended up completing it twice in the space of a few days. My first play-through involved sitting down for a good 12 hours non-stop near the end, but this was purely so that I could complete the game rather than see how the story ended. The beginning did draw me in at first, but after escaping the city with Ellie and losing Tess I found I was just going through the motions rather than actually enjoying the game.

It's understandable that any game that is longer than a few hours will get rather stale, but I felt that Naughty Dog didn't even bother trying to keep me interested; it all just felt repetitive. Clear my way through some clickers or raiders, solve a few puzzles to escape the area and then rinse and repeat. The enemies didn't try anything new after the first time I encountered them, it was the same old attack plans. I've mentioned this in another article I've written but I feel that is still rings true; The Last of Us seemed to be very similar to another survival game by the name of I Am Alive.

Now when I mean similar I don't mean some of the characters seemed the same and they appeared to be in the same type of city ruins, no no no I mean that at many points I thought I was playing the same game. Naughty Dog seemed to have chosen to just pick and mix ideas from other games rather than come up with their own. I didn't see anything new in The Last of Us that I hadn't see elsewhere, and although these ideas weren't badly put together it wasn't exactly as novel and innovative as the mass media would have me believe.

In this article I'll be exploring some of the ideas, in no particular order, that I felt brought the game down from its lofty heights.


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