The Witcher 4: 10 Ways To Blow Wild Hunt Out Of The Water

10. More Attack Animation & Greater Variety Of Unlockable Skills

The Witcher 3 Contract
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For as proficient and Souls-like The Witcher 3's combat became - a far more freeform version than that of the awkward-feeling, Witcher 2 - we were still bound to having Geralt wield a single sword. Such a thing is in-keeping with how the White Wolf is portrayed in the majority of the novels, but when you're playing a game for upwards of a few hundred hours (I'm on 580, yes really) you do start to wonder what a wider animation set would look and feel like.

Thankfully, CDPR recruited expert swordsman Maciej Kwiatkowski to help with motion-capping Geralt's various acrobatic twirls and balletic dodges - something that looks fantastic once you start nailing his footwork and counter-attacks. However, again, the only meaningful 'new abilities' you could bolster his repertoire with were a never-ending pirouette spin and a charged heavy cleave - perhaps an arrow-deflect if you nailed the timing.

All felt great to bust out, but we're literally talking about a gargantuan game where your physical offence boils down to light and heavy combos with one-button ranged bolts and five magic powers. That's regressive to type out, but you get the idea - any future Witcher's moveset should be far more wider-reaching than just single blades, with far more moves and unlockable animations to perfect in time.

If that all sounds like it would move away from Geralt, well...

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