Tomb Raider: 5 Major Concerns About The Reboot

4. Wildlife

Tomb Raider Tigers We€™ve seen that Lara can explore the fantastic looking island and hunt a selection of animals which, is a great addition in creating an immersive world. However, since games like Red Dead Redemption and notably Far Cry 3 (in the beginning) have done such excellent jobs with their take on wildlife that I€™m worried that Tomb Raider won€™t make the hurdle. Gamers are going to expect more than just dears and rabbits mountaineering, and will expect to see lethal predators stalking said dears and rabbits and even, Lara herself. We€™ve seen a short glimpse of a rain soaked wolf and that gives me hope. Even so, hopefully we won€™t have Far Cry 3€™s latter half of the game€™s problem, were you have such an arsenal of weaponry that all the animals you feared are nothing more that bags of meat on four legs.
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