10 Games That Will Confuse Your Friends And Family

It would be easier explaining why the plumber is murdering mushrooms.

Access GamesAccess GamesWe try to get our non-gaming friends and family interested in our favorite pastime; however, this often proves fruitless. It€™s like trying to convince Roger Ebert, may he rest in peace, that games are art by providing him examples that he wouldn€™t be interested in regardless. It€™s just not going to happen or at least not that easily, and that€™s fine; not everyone wants to be a gamer. At some point we€™ve all had our moments where a roommate, friend, loved one or family member walk in on us while playing an engaging video game; this is usually followed with a request for explanation regarding our gaming interests. Some games are easier to explain; others, however, are considered out-there by even the gaming community. At this point, it€™s like trying to explain to your loved ones what you€™re doing when they walk in on you watching pornography. These are the games that, regardless of your loved ones€™ taste in video games, will leave them confused when they walk in on you playing them. Maybe they€™ll think a game is so weird that they€™ll want to play it; or maybe they€™ll watch from afar as if they were watching a train wreck. Either way, you could get a laugh out of it.
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