Top 10 Skyrim Quests

10. Opening Quest

Skyrim€™s opening quest seems so intimate as you roll lazily through the stark countryside toward Helgen and your fate €“ it€™s easy to empathise with your fellow prisoners, one of whom happens to be the leader of the Stormcloak rebellion. But all of that fades into the distant background the moment Skyrim€™s deadliest lizard arrives just in time to put the blocks on your execution. What ensues is surely what we were all waiting so eagerly for. We wanted Dragons; Bethesda gave us Dragons, like straight away. We go on to make short work of the Dragons throughout Skyrim as we grow in power, but the scale of this threat so early on in the game is so massive and so unsettlingly realistic that this surely has to be one of the Bethesda's biggest victories in terms of how it made us feel on our first playthrough.

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