10 Worst Ever Levels In Hitman Video Games

These levels aren't a hit, man.

Io Interactive

The mysterious silent assassin known only as 47 has been garroting and slitting the throats of evil men and women since his debut back in 2000. Ever since then, the iconic Hitman series has been subject to sequels that kept getting better, with smarter artificial intelligence, more ways to kill, better graphics, increasingly tense soundtracks, and much more. 

After the mixed reception of Absolution – the pointedly different gameplay polarized the opinions of fans and resulted in poor sales on the whole – developing company Io Interactive decided to create a new Hitman game based on the best bits of the previous games. That much was great news, but it would have been nothing without the promise to also avoid the mistakes of the past.

And that includes making sure they didn't introduce any terrible levels.

Because while the series has offered some truly iconic levels, like the French theatre or the British nobleman's paradise Beldingford Manor, there have been more than a few stinkers that have tortured countless fans with their mediocrity. And surprisingly, not all of them were limited to Absolution.

Whether they're no more than filler levels or they just haven't stood the test of time, here are the ten worst levels in the Hitman franchise history...

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