Ultimate Warrior Confirmed For WWE 2K14

ultimate warrior wwe2k14 2K Sports€™ WWE video-game debut WWE 2K14 will feature WWE Legend The Ultimate Warrior, it was confirmed today. Following increasing rumours on the internet regarding Warrior€™s inclusion in the game over the weekend, today's press release confirmed that those who pre-order WWE 2K14 will receive the former WWE Champion as a playable character. Warrior follows Mike Tyson (WWE €™13), The Rock (WWE €™12) and Bret Hart (WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2011) as a pre-order exclusive.
There has never been another WWE Superstar quite like the Ultimate Warrior €“ his intensity and energy is unmatched, and his legacy is undeniable, said Chris Snyder, Senior Director of Marketing at 2K. "Fans love him, opponents fear him and everyone can agree that he's one of the most iconic Legends in WWE history. Pre-ordering WWE 2K14 is the only way we mere mortals will ever have a glimpse into the greatness that is Ultimate Warrior."
The Ultimate Warrior joins Dolph Ziggler, John Cena, Ryback, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels and €˜Macho Man€™ Randy Savage as the only superstars and alumni so far who have already been officially confirmed for the game. Here's the trailer for Warrior's character in WWE2k14... F4WOnline.com later reported that Warrior's deal with 2K Sports is not something that carries on with the WWE. The Warrior is not scheduled to appear on WWE television any time soon, though that may change over the coming months. Warrior hasn't appeared on WWE TV since his short-lived return in the mid 90s, when his squash victory over Triple H at WrestleMania 12 failed to reignite interest in a comeback of a former star and he was burnt out several months later. wwe21 WWE 2K14 will be Warrior€™s first appearance in a WWE video-game since 2011€™s WWE All-Stars. 2K14 will be released in North America on October 29 and in Europe on November 1. The game will be available for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

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