Watch Dogs: 10 Reasons It Might Disappoint

Watch Dogs Train Ever get the feeling you're being watched? It's probably nothing; just your nerves playing with your mind. On the other hand, it could be hacker-extraordinaire Aiden Pearce, the protagonist of Watch Dogs, watching you through your microwave. He can do that. Seriously. This power will be placed in the hands of gamers everywhere when Watch Dogs finally sees the light of day in 2014. Whether you're playing on a this gen console or lapping up the shiny new graphics on your wondrous new PS4 or Xbox One, Watch Dogs remains one of the titles to watch for the next year. It's been hyped up for a good couple of years now, the olde hype machine running at full speed as Ubisoft regularly pumps out a bit of information to make us feel all tingly and excited. Alas, such hype could be disastrous for the open-world hack fest, as we've all got our hopes up before for games that looked incredibly good, but ended up being much worse than they appeared. There's a distinct possibility that that could be the outcome for Watch Dogs, which could well yet be a disappointment.

10. Barren, Open World

Watch Dogs Open World It's all well and good having a huge world to explore, but it's got to have stuff in it to actually do. GTA V recently showed us how a massive world can have loads to delve into - Watch Dogs needs to follow this rule or it'll end up being a lifeless land where you just wander aimlessly in between missions. Part of the soul of the open world game is the side mission. More often than not it's better to just wander off and do your own thing rather than throw yourself into the storyline (Skyrim is a prime example of this), so if Watch Dogs ends up with a lack of extra content, many gamers may feel cheated. We want lots of content Ubisoft. With delays in place, there's no reason why this game shouldn't be packed to the seams with stuff to hack, people to beat up, cars to steal and all kinds of other mad nonsense.

Dan Curtis is a gaming-obsessed writer who hails from the North East of England, where inexplicable, hard-to-understand accents reign supreme. Dan is also one quarter of the Factory Sealed retro gaming podcast!