Two separate articles came out yesterday from major video game websites IGN and Kotaku, both with differing views on how good Battlefield 3 looks on consoles, specifically on the PS3. The IGN article mentions that EA showed off a PS3 build that is pre-alpha and had a lot of things missing such as “including the destruction of structures and cover, certain textures, and additional detail.”

IGN argues that the game looks good but with many gameplay mechanics missing, it is hard to tell how the frame rate will hold up. Basically IGN came away a little confused and concerned over what was shown on the demo (or what wasn’t shown) and why a pre-alpha build of the PS3 version was being shown this late in the development cycle.

However, the Kotaku article had a very different take on how the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 is shaping up. The author of the article found very minor differences between the PS3 version and the PC.  “At first blush, the Playstation 3 version of Battlefield 3 is every bit as impressive as the computer version.” The Kotaku article comes off as very positive on the development of the console version of Battlefield 3, in stark contrast to the IGN article.

It should be noted the Kotaku author may have gotten a different build of the game than IGN, because he viewed the game in New York not at the EA Summer Showcase where IGN demoed the game.

Basically we still don’t know what to believe, is the console version of Battlefield 3 a terrible PC port of the game, or is the console version only slightly different graphically than the PC version? In addition, has anyone seen the Xbox 360 version, I think it might be in the FBI witness protection program they are hiding it so well.

Personally I can’t say either way having not played the game in person. However, this has been one of the most controversial topics in gaming, the status of the Battlefield 3 console version.  As to which article you should believe, do let us know.

Release Date: October 25, 2011 for both U.S. and UK

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This article was first posted on July 22, 2011