Will Rocksteady's Superman: World's Finest Be Announced At The Game Awards?

The long-rumoured game might finally become a reality.

Rocksteady Superman

While fans have been through this rigamarole before, and we’ve done plenty of videos and articles covering the wealth of reports about Rocksteady's (and WB Montreal’s) next release, a recent report is once again suggesting that the developer's next project is Superman: World’s Finest.

Just before E3, alleged key art and a few details about the game surfaced online, leading many to expect to see it officially unveiled at the showcase. Of course, the expo came and went, and Rocksteady were nowhere to be seen. Many assumed World’s Finest was simply another fake rumour to throw on the pile, but posters on ResetEra have now spotted the project listed on website Game System Requirements. A Random listing isn’t exactly proof, but it’s worth noting that Devil May Cry V also prematurely popped up on the same site a month before it was officially unveiled.

What’s even more tantalising is this spotting is hot on the heels of Geoff Keighley revealing that there’ll be more than 10 brand-new titles announced at The Game Awards next week. While the developer’s next game has been rumoured to be Superman-related literally since they launched Arkham Knight, the World’s Finest moniker, should it turn out to be true, could also shed some light on the game’s focus. World’s Finest is the title historically used for stories where Superman and Batman team up, indicating that the studio might not be totally done with the Caped Crusader yet.

Likewise, The Batman Superman Movie: World’s Finest, if the title didn’t give it away, showed the two heroes - this time their animated series incarnations - also teaming up. Rocksteady have already shown a fondness for the classic Batman Animated Series, drawing inspiration from its aesthetic and even getting a good chunk of the voice talent to voice their respective characters across their trilogy. Could this mean we’ll see the likes of Tim Daly returning as Supes, or Dana Delany once again lending her vocal cords to Lois Lane? Well, that’s entirely dependent on whether this turns out to be true, but a guy can dream.

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