World of Warcraft: 6 Scary Things Blizzard Don’t Like to Talk About

World of Warcraft is only going to keep getting stronger; we're very doubtful that anything can kill it completely at this stage.

World of Warcraft has been around for eight years now, and even though Blizzard recently reported a substantial drop in their player base, it still sits at a healthy 11million +. That€™s more than I can say for any of the vast open worlds that I€™ve created, let me assure you. It€™s safe to say that Blizzard have attained levels of success that put them beyond comparison with most other corporations. Of course it€™s not just WoW that they peddle (although that is their primary source of income); they€™ve been making games in the RPG/RTS genre since 1991. Whether you€™ve played or not, you€™ll know someone that€™s had a WoW subscription, and you€™ll no doubt have heard the countless horror stories of WoW addiction that are sprinkled across google, like this one. And it€™s true. People have literally destroyed their lives over it. After all, what€™s better: crawling through a boring an painful existence every day with only shite TV to keep you company, or casting yourself as your own hero in a world of magic, mayhem and intrigue? Yet still, despite being a company that some consider to evil peddlers, pushing a new type of addictive drug onto our children, Blizzard still maintains a reputation for being this golden bastion of hope for many out there. Thanks in no small part to an army of some of the most skilled and ruthless legal and P.R men our money can buy them. Don€™t get me wrong, I€™m an ex-WoW player myself and I don€™t have anything strictly against the company, or WoW itself. But once you start digging, you come across some pretty moody incidents that you just know Blizzard haven€™t been reporting in their newsletters. And here are just 6 of€™em.

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