World Of Warcraft: 9 Modern Complaints Real Fans Are Sick Of Hearing

Reminiscing fanboys, subscription fees and some hardcore Raid Finder-hate.

With World of Warcraft - the world€™s largest MMO RPG, with millions of subscribers and multiple expansion packs - Blizzard have inspired a legion of admirers and loyal subscribers amongst multiple generations of gamers. Boasting an incredible cast of characters, histories, conflict, features, and an endgame content raid-design that has left the rest of the industry trailing to this day, their flagship project earned a reputation for quality, interactive gameplay whilst the rest of the industry's similar efforts were still developing.

Yet, as with all cultural phenomena, WoW€™s success and popularity has created an environmental hotbed for criticism. The early, groundbreaking successes of the game in 2004 have arguably set expectations to such a high standard, that future expansions have inevitably failed to provide a critically appropriate successor. Incidentally, the passionate fan-base and subscribers are quick to hold WoW to their desired expectations. Many of the recent complaints leveraged at WoW revolve around content-design (or a lack of!). Others cite the deficiencies of in-game mechanics, the deleterious effect of microtransactioning or the falling levels of skill and dedication amongst the player-base. Here we countdown 9 World of Warcraft Complaints Fans Are Sick Of Hearing, analysing the merits of each argument and sorting out the legitimate complaints from the silly soundbites of the outspoken, Westborough Baptist Church-style fanboys.

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