World Of Warcraft Classic: 5 Reasons It Might Fail (And Why It Won't)

4. Apathy


If WoW was their first MMO (and it was for many), people were genuinely in awe that they could/wave at someone, and see them wave back.

Well, that's over. Nobody is going to be impressed by being in a virtual world with thousands of people in 2019, right?


Guess what the best part about waving to that Orc was? Seeing him a week later, levelling in the same zone you were.

How often do you encounter the same people day-to-day while playing BFA? Well, it used to happen all the time.

Before Cross-realm, back when players were relegated to their own servers, each one felt like it's own little society within the greater World of Warcraft community.

The best analogy here, would be like having your own High School or Neighbourhood.

After a few months of playing Classic, running into people you know or recognise will happen constantly. That brings such a rich social experience to the game, that is currently lacking in Modern MMO's.


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