WWE 12 Cheapest Price Deals Comparison

WhatCulture brings you the best offers on THQ’s flagship WWE 12, released this Friday.

Simon Gallagher

Executive Editor

Once more WhatCulture’s Deal Finder brings you the best prices on the biggest releases – this time braving the cruel, unforgiving world of online retail to find the best deals available on THQ’s upcoming WWE 12.

The flagship wrestling title represents a seriously essential purchase for fans of the sports entertainment business and those who have enjoyed earlier series releases (under the Smackdown vs Raw banner of course), so the more pennies we can claw back on the unlikely£49.99 RRP

Most of the deals below refer to the non-pre-order special edition – since the luxury of being able to play with The Rock allows retailers to add a couple of pound to the cover price. Hang on, it’s a pre-order deal, so really, those who choose to take the sellers up on the deal and help them out by buying something that hasn’t even been released yet are doing them a favour and deserve reward. They don’t deserve to be charged more for the privilege! Anyway, if you do want to play as the Rock (it will no doubt turn up as DLC immediately) the lowest price we’ve found is £37.95 with Zavvi.

So, anyway, here we go…

UK Deals


£39.71 with free delivery on XBox 360 and PS3.


£35.88 (£33.89 + £1.99 Delivery) on XBox 360 and PS3.


£34.97 with free delivery on XBox 360 and PS3.

The Hut

£34.95 with free delivery on XBox 360 and PS3.


£34.95 with free delivery on XBox 360 and PS3.


Best Wii Prices

Free delivery unless otherwise stated…

Base – £24.95

Zavvi – £23.95

The Hut – £23.95

Amazon – £23.69

Asda Direct – £22.97

US Deals

Amazon – $47.00 on PS3 and XBox 360.

Target – $49.98 ($47 + $2.98 Delivery) on XBox 360 and PS3.

Overstock – $53.31 ($50.36 + $2.95 Delivery) on XBox 360 and PS3.


WWE 12 is released this Friday – the 25th of November – on PS3, XBox 360 and Wii.