WWE 13: Latest Entrance Videos/Finishers Revealed

Entrance videos and finishing moves revealed for JBL, Undertaker, Attitude Era Kane, Justin Gabriel, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Ken Shamrock and others.

Joseph Dempsey


The latest entrance videos and finishers in THQ’s WWE ’13 have been revealed, featuring JBL, Undertaker, Attitude Era Kane, Justin Gabriel, Triple H, Kevin Nash and Ken Shamrock

Gamers will be glad to know that John Bradshaw Layfield – who became semi-retired in 2007 and occasionally makes sporadic appearances as a commentator – makes his way to ringside in his trademark white limousine. His finishing move is of course the “Clothesline from hell” whilst his signature move is a powerbomb.

WWE 13’s main feature is set in the Attitude Era, and so it is almost compulsory then that it features the attires and entrances used by the wrestlers at the time. With that being said, the game wouldn’t quite be complete without “Attitude Era Kane”, complete with mask and black and red attire.

In fact, the game features at least two versions of certain wrestlers who have used different gimmicks down the years, such as the multiple personas of Mick Foley, and the two different versions of Lita.

Attitude Era Kane’s entrance is as bad-ass as it always was, as he walks to ringside to the sound of “Slow Chemical” by Finger Eleven before fireworks erupt from the turnbuckles.

Speaking of multiple personas, no Attitude Era game would be complete without D-Generation X, and Triple H’s entrance video from those hell-raising days has at last been revealed.

You can view the latest entrance videos and finishing moves here, why not let us know what you think in the comment section below?