WWE 2K14: 10 Glitches That Will Give You Nightmares

7.Audience Participation

Audience participation has always been an important part of pro wrestling, and when it happens, the sight of angry men brawling into the crowd is all part of the fun. But again, 2K14 takes it all a step further. In a nightmarish vision, you are able get your wrestler into the crowd, resulting in a series of deformity issues. The effect is exacerbated somewhat by the unnerving way in which the wrestler then wades calmly across the heads of the crowd. It's the accidental mutilations that are most important here, considering how grotesque they are. Take for example WWE legend Yokuzuna, who you can make walk along the barrier in an uncharacteristically flamboyant, and oddly light-footed manner, while rubbing his genitals along the barrier, for some reason... Yokozuna Gif Gif A lovely way for the big man to show off his excellently conditioned figure to the audience.
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