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Canadian retailer Futureshop has revealed new information on the upcoming World Wrestling Entertainment console game, WWE 2K14.

Due to THQ folding as a company last year, 2KGames have taken over the development process on the WWE 13 sequel, working alongside Japanese studio Yukes, to produce WWE’s latest game. So far very little has been announced about the game, other than the reveal earlier this year that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson would be the cover star. Though if Futureshop’s description is official, we are starting to get a good idea of how the piece is coming together.

According to a newly published product description, players can now select wrestlers from the “WWE pantheon of legendary stars”, meaning more characters will be available to play as or against. As well as the all new superstars, the game will reportedly include; historic WWE video footage, classic images and give a multi-camera experience as well as detailed cut scenes.

The description claims the game’s audio environment has also been improved with the crowd being more realistic than ever before. The game also boasts addictive game play and intuitive controls.

Here’s the info in full;

  • Select your wrestler from the WWE pantheon of legendary stars


  • Cool visual elements includes historic WWE video footage, classic images, multi-camera angles, and detailed cut scenes


  • Highly immersive audio environment brings out the raw emotional power of the crowd as they react to your performance


  • Unlock exciting new content and wrestlers


  • Addictive game play features intuitive controls and creates a sense of escalation throughout the matches


  • WWE Career mode lets you create the epic legend of your rise from wrestling rookie to celebrated megastar

Last year’s WWE 13 was one of the best wrestling games in a long while, with emphasis being put on the attitude era. WWE 13 included an all new Universe mode giving players more opportunities to build their own WWE storylines as well as replacing the boring Road to Wrestlemania with a new Attitude Era mode.

The WWE games have been re-branded several times from the original Smackdown games such as ‘Just Bring It’ to the Smackdown vs Raw franchise and then to WWE 12 and 13. THQ sold off most their studios and licensing agreements including the likes of the Homefront franchise and the WWE licensing.

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This article was first posted on June 6, 2013