WWE 2K15: 12 Stars Who Should Be On The Cover

2K and the WWE need a big name to take them to next gen, and they don't come bigger or better than these ones...

Wwe 2k15 Brock LesnarKey to purchasing any computer game is the cover: inevitably it helps drive gamers to look for more information or to simply buy the game straight away, and cover stars of sports games carry a huge level of prestige. The accolade of being featured shows acceptance and a high level of importance/respect from the governing bodies, who usually play a huge role in the game's conception. But then being the cover star of a game can make you part of folklore - in good and bad ways (see the "Madden Curse" associated with the NFL games). The WWE and officially licensed wrestling games have been around for a long time, ever since the release of WWF Wrestlemania on the NES, faring vastly differently across the years. WWF Smackdown on the Playstation One got the unstoppable ball rolling and since then, wrestling games have been popular with both casual gamers and die-hard wrestling fans, despite some notorious and occasionally costly missteps. And despite a change of developer, the last game, WWE 2K14, carried on this rich vein of successful games. After WWE 2K14's success, WWE 2K15 was always inevitable and the choice of superstar or superstars to help sell the game becomes very important, particularly with the move to next gen consoles. Whoever is chosen will see their face appear all over WWE entertainment and in adverts the world over, and for that reason, there's probably a good chance 2K Games will go for the usual mega-star for the next front cover, as is the standard for most sports games (see the EA Sports line of computer games). There are many options for this year's cover, depending on what game mode they go for (WCW Monday Night Wars anyone?) or who would sell the most copies, so with that in mind, let's look at 12 stars or groups who should be on the front cover...

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