WWE 2K15: Everything We Know So Far

10 things we do actually know about a game WWE and 2K Games are keeping quiet on...

Ever since the February announcement came confirming that WWE 2K15 would be released later this year, the company and WWE have remained tight-lipped on specific details. This as ever has fuelled the fire of rumours, which have ranged from the modes we will see - including a return for General Manager mode and the hotly-anticipated inclusion of a Monday Night Wars mode - to the wrestlers who will appear. Naturally interest in the game is running high, and though we are likely six months away from release, the cover art can probably be expected in June, with the announcement of the game's main story mode coming after with the roster reveal at Summerslam in August, as has been the trend recently. Then in September, the complete roster should be announced in full. Until then, all we have is conjecture and the odd leaked details that tend to come through "trusted" sources and social media slip-ups, but there is already enough information available to get a very broad idea of what we can expect from 2K's second addition to the WWE wrestling game franchise. With that in mind, we've put together a comprehensive run-down of the available information, from leaks to reasonable supposition based on fact to bring fans the very latest on WWE 2K15...
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