WWE 2K15: Everything We Know So Far

10. The Release Date

When the game was first announced along with NBA 2K15, there was no concrete release date, with the only suggestion of timing being that it would arrive "during fiscal 2015" - which began on April 1st and runs until March 31st, 2015, but there's every suggestion, based on past games that WWE and 2K will go for an October/November release to slot in alongside the other tentpole releases of the year. Considering how well WWE 2K14 did, it's unlikely the company are going to start messing with anything that could have a direct impact on sales, like the release date. And most outlets were reporting a Fall release date as soon as the announcement was made. There was no initial suggestion whether or not the game would be released on XBox 360 and PS3, but you have to think that it would be a mistake not to do so, with so many gamers still yet to make the jump to next gen. And a PC release is probably unlikely given the usual trend of a console only model.
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