WWE 2K17: 10 Most Underrated Wrestlers

The Man 2K Sports Forgot.

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WWE 2K17 is here, and as usual, fans have been passionately debating the dubious accuracy of the game's overall ratings for each wrestler.

Likely driven by a desire to sell more copies of their Accelerator DLC, 2K have skewed countless superstars to play as conspicuously weaker than their real-life counterparts, and given some of the wrestlers who are also massively overrated in the game, it's resulted in some infuriating inconsistencies.

These numbers, being in kayfabe as they are, may reflect what the WWE thinks of certain wrestlers, but fans know better than anyone when something isn't right, and so it's clear that these superstars are all in desperate need of a significant stat-boost to match their real-life in-ring skill.

From world champions through to under-appreciated mid-carders, here are the 10 most underrated wrestlers from WWE 2K17...

10. Enzo Amore

2K Sports

Rating: 74

More shocking than how grossly WWE 2K17 has low-balled Enzo's overall is the fact that he comes in at a whole 10 points lower than his tag team partner Big Cass.

For context, this rating puts him on par with Erick Rowan (74) and below Titus O'Neil (75), The Dudleyz (Bubba and D-Von are 78 and 76 respectively), and even someone who isn't really a wrestler, in Shane McMahon (77).

Even ignoring Enzo's immense mic skills and sheer entertainment value, his terrific athleticism ensures he deserves a far higher ranking than this.

New Rating: Sure, he should probably still be at least a few points behind Big Cass, so we'll go for a respectable 80.


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